The Iranian Burnt Books Foundation was inaugurated in 2004 as a worldwide collaborative network, funded privately by the German/Iranian writer, translator, and publisher Dr. Sam Vaseghi.

The Foundation is committed to post-mortem projects for the investigation, collection, publication, and archiving of works and vitae of prosecuted, banned, or executed writers, originating from Iran and Afghanistan.

Every few year the Foundation focuses on a unique project, associated with the manifestation of the complete authentic and uncensored work and vitae of an Iranian or Afghan author personality. Hence, a substantial part of the investigations are indeed dedicated to the evaluation of authenticity of vitae and censored/banned works of the author of choice. The investigative approach involves a collaborative network of experts, journalists, organisations, writers, relatives of the target author, and various other local and global stakeholders dependent on the specific case.

While the Foundation accepts ongoing nominations by organisations or individuals, nominations must be accompanied by a strong dossier and case description.

Since 2004 The Foundation has accomplished four major projects, dedicated to the complete works, vitae and archives of

2004 –                 Tahirih Qurratu’l-Ayn (Los Angeles, Malmö)

2005 – 2007       Nadja Anjoman (Herat, Copenhagen)

2007 – 2014        Sadegh Hedayat (Teheran, Malmö, Stuttgart, Geneva)

2007 – 2010        Said Soltanpour (Köln, Copenhagen, Stockholm)