Biography of Sadegh Hedayat


Published in Farsi language by The Iranian Burnt Books Foundation in collaboration with The Sadegh hedayat Foundation, Mohammad Naraghi’s “Gorbey-e-Kuchak-e-Irani (The Little Persian Cat)”, a comprehensive biography of the renowned Iranian novelist Sadegh Hedayat, firstly conveys the novelist’s efforts as an author in modern Iranian fiction, mysteries and myths in his masterpiece “Blind Owl” and secondly and more importantly, it pays a deep empathic tribute to a man who thought deeper than anyone but was ignored by fronts of the Iranian society. Moreover, Naraghi masters an extensive societal and cultural retrospective of the milieu of the novelist’s vitae in an Iran of serial socio-political cataclysms, a France in transition from the “hollow years” through the second world-war to posterior, and an India of mystical magnetism. According to Jehangir Hedayat, the nephew of Sadegh Hedayat, Naraghi’s strength remains in his authentic and genuine approach, letting the facts talk by themselves.The complete works of Nadja Anjoman were published in a collaboration between The Iranian Burnt Books Foundation and Iran Open Publishing Group. The title is available world wide at all major online bookshops as well as street bookstores (per order).


Title: “Gorbey-E-Kuchak-E-Irani” ISBN: 9789186131517

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